That's putting it mildly, can anyone be inspired when they hear the words "Your cancer is back?" I suspected it just didn't want to hear it.

It was just last March 2016 when I finished chemotherapy and radiation treatments or the so called "therapy treatments". I guess that wording is designed to sound more like physical therapy and when you're finished you'll look and feel much better. We all know that's a joke.

It takes months to feel and look better, it was once said to me after losing so much weight that I was model thin. She was being very sweet, I was gaunt looking and very weak.

I joined a gym, hired a personal trainer whom I admired, then in a conversation discovered he lost his wife to Ovarian cancer. Another designed appointment by our God, this man knew my pain and suffering, his work-out program was perfectly outlined for me based on my strength and ability.

I became strong again, we focused on my upcoming ski trip to Whistler Canada, I've never been to Canada, I'm looking forward to this trip.

A couple of weeks ago the blood test CA125 indicated a rise in number, I visited my oncologist, shared my concerns with him and then was told what I have always been told: the numbers were not in the so called zone of numbers. I'm not criticizing my Doctor, I feel he is very qualified, they are all stuck in the zone of the CA125 number of 35!! This number has never been accurate for me.

He arranged for a second blood test in two weeks, then agreed there was activity that I should contact my Primary specialist at Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles. Which I did.

Cedars Sinai is a great hospital, I don't think I can find enough words of praise for them. My Doctor is one of the most compassionate women I've known.

Early in the morning I had the discomfort of the dreaded Pet Scan, my appointment with the Doctor wasn't until that afternoon, I have a wonderful friend by the name of Mary Poppen (she receives lots of comments on what a good friend she is). Mary has been with me each time I've received the worst news, I try to keep my family out of the initial shock as my older sister is very emotional, we have already lost our other sister to this disease. This puts Mary on a spot as she is good friends with my sister.

So getting back to the wait; Mary and I met for lunch after she finally found the restaurant I was in - Cedars is a huge center. I was starving, fasting isn't my strong suit, the Asian salad was delicious.

There I sat on the exam table waiting for my Doctor, she hugs me then sat down and asked how I was, I answered "I'll be fine if you tell me the cancer is not back."

That didn't happen, it's back in several places, small tumors but still cancer. Neck, lymph nodes,tThyroid and stomach. A lot to absorb.

Treatment options - chemotherapy was first choice. No to that! I can't do that again. I chose radiation and immune therapy. With a lot of prayer added into the treatments. She did say the tumors were very small but they are there, this is my choice for the fight.

I have a lot to accomplish, I'm still going skiing, then in May I'll be watching my granddaughter graduate from high school. I'm very proud of my two granddaughters as one is in Cal-Poly and this one who is graduating will be attending Boise state. I have bragging rights.

Life moves on, sickness attacks, whatever trials we go through Jesus is always with us, we have His promise that He will never leave us.

Regardless of how difficult the journey is. Stay strong, believe in Him, King David never let go of His God throughout Saul's 11 year war against him.

In Jesus,
Sharon Leigh