Sharon Leigh McVey Rude Sharon Leigh McVey Rude

I started this site with suggestions from a friend who felt I had a lot to offer in encouragement. I wasn't so sure about that but thankfully others feel I do.

I was born in a little city in the Los Angeles area. Most are surprised about the city name as today it's a very dangerous city to live in or even drive through. Compton, California.

It was at one time a beautiful city, I have great memories of my life there. We could play baseball in the street, kick the can, walk to school in safety, and neighbors watched out for you. And of course we would head for home when the street lights came on.

Insecurities played a big part in most of my life, when people would ask "What do you want to do when you graduate?" I really felt I didn't know except for one big desire I never shared with anyone. I wanted to be an undercover narcotics agent. Insecurities played in again I felt I wasn't smart enough to pass any test I might be given so I didn't try for that.

So I went to beauty college, Why ? Who knows! This did work out for me though years later.

Sadly it was when I married for the first time my life changed, my husband was abusive, I had two children, I was only 22 years old when I left him, not knowing what was ahead of me but I went for it. It was a challenge but it worked out for me. My God was, and is, watching over me.

We divorced, then I went on my oblivious way forging forward with two little girls. I think it's what you don't know in life that gives you the courage to take on a life changing course. Then life hits you!

I was raised in a strict Catholic family, divorce was out of the question. My mother reminded me of that several times. I had a decision to make: Either stay in a bad marriage or live in sin by remarrying, I chose the latter. At that time you only had one or two choices. I understand things have changed since then. I won't go into the challenges of baby sitters, money, mom not approving of my choices, along with other issues. I'm just very thankful this time of my life is in the past.

I worked in hair salons for 10 years then one day I found myself in a great position, the company my Dad worked in was in desperate need of personnel in a new enterprise, I offered to help until they found someone more qualified, I spent the next 30 years in that line of work, I guess I was qualified.

I am skipping through some of the boring times in my life, no one wants to be bored especially me. If life doesn't present challenges I move on. Then my good friend Merrie invited me to a barbecue one July, it was there I met my husband, his name was Ken and he worked on the California Highway Patrol as a Deputy Chief.

I moved to Arroyo Grande California when we married.
Sharon Leigh