I finished chemotherapy one year ago on October 28, 2015. I was incredibly happy that terrible ordeal is over with and all I had to go through and finish was radiation. 28 days of radiation behind me, I was given a certificate of completion. As if I've received my diploma from high school. I actually thought it was kind of a sweet gesture.

Maybe sweet is not the right adjective, it works for me.

The next day I signed up with a new fitness center and a personal trainer, I was determined o get back in shape, my goal was a snow skiing trip and the last thing I wanted to happen was to fall and break something, even worse I didn't want my friend to think I couldn't keep up with her. Pride is terrible!!

I'm sure she would have understood. Oh well, I did fall once, pretty good considering what I had gone through for most of the year.

Our Christmas was wonderful, my family gets larger each year. Granddaughters seem to continually get pregnant. It causes me to think, "WOW " I'm getting old.


I felt the need to take trips, just to get out of that house I had been a virtual prisoner in. On my first trip my daughter Sheryll and I visited her dad in Parker, Arizona, a great week of water skiing.

Sheryll and I are very close, she stayed with me during the entire time I was fighting my battles with cancer. We have a lot of fun together. Sheryll along with my granddaughter and myself went to Cabo San Lucas this year. This was probably the best trip I've had there in all of the years I've owned my condo. I zip lined and loved it.

Next trip was back to Parker with relatives for more water skiing. Again lots of fun, this time instead of skiing we rode on Jet skis. I think it's my new passion. With that said I did buy one ??.

I did step out when the opportunity arose to run for a seat on our City Council, I filed all of the paperwork, built my Facebook, prepared my web site, all of the necessary steps I would have to complete for the big run, then based on numbers I was receiving from blood tests I felt the pressure of a lengthy campaign run would not be beneficial to my healing, too much stress. So I reluctantly backed out of the race, when I sent my notice to all the necessary parties, I was told by the Mayor, I had been in first place to win. Quite the compliment!

Any planning on future events with my foundation were put on hold for awhile. There's always next year.

We are now headed into the end of the year 2016. On October 31st. I received a phone call from Sheryll which I could hardly understand, when I finally did get a grip on what she was trying to tell me the news was devastating, My grandson Dalton, and Sheryll's only son was found dead. She was inconsolable, the details are horrible I won't go into them, They live in Hawaii, I'm with her now, we are leaving for California on the 10th of November for another memorial service and some time away from here.

I'll end here with this thought for all of us. Show your children how much you love them always, we have no idea what our future holds. Trust in God, He knows our hearts, the extent of His Love we will never understand while we are here on earth, if we have to face what Sheryll has had to go through, remember the pain goes away the memories never leave, the Sun will rise again tomorrow.

In Jesus,
Sharon Leigh