What to do with my life after latest bout with ovarian cancer stage III?

A lot of thought goes into this, I'm sure it's the same for you. I ask myself repeatedly why me? Why am I still here? What do I do with the rest of my life? Why is it that I ask why? Maybe because I lost my beloved sister to ovarian cancer and I'm still here. I felt she had so much to offer the world and what did I have to offer? (terrible personal criticism). Why do we have to be so hard on ourselves!

I have reached a couple of disappointing times that I really have to get over, it's not good to keep looking back. Forward is the only way. I believe that my God has other directions for me since He knows I love serving Him.

I think what has hurt me is in the last 10 year, through the grace of God, I started two international business's. Both of them were very successful, until that second diagnosis of cancer. This last round of treatments almost killed me. I was compelled to turn over both enterprises allowing others to take over the reins. The results were disastrous, businesses cannot be run properly with a hostile board of directors. (I'm sharing way too much).

I am strong though, I'm a tough fighter, I don't give up easily, if God is for us who can be against us! I love that scripture. Although I still feel ravaged by this cancer the results are good, but because I am a woman, I wish my skin would've held up better. Lol

I'm enjoying my friends, entertaining, I've taken several trips this year with two more coming later this year. Getting more involved in politics, which I find interesting. My goal is to continue on with fundraising directed at research for ovarian cancer.

Most importantly I want to teach and speak on the wonders of our Lord Jesus Christ. I especially love traveling to share with women. It seems everything I do is always focused on women. I feel we women respond with our hearts a lot faster than men.

Keep me in prayer please, I pray for beautiful blessings on you all.

In Jesus
Sharon Leigh