Tuesday April 12th was a day I looked forward to and feared at the same time, it was the day I would receive either good news or very dark news. The dreaded Pet scan. I had to drive three hours from my house in Arroyo Grande to Beverly Hills California for the appointment scheduled for 10:00 am, so, as usual, I couldn't sleep. I woke up at 2:00 am instead of the 5:00 am my alarm was set for.

Driving into Los Angeles is always a nightmare with bumper to bumper traffic, this alone wears on ones nerves, then once again I found myself lost in L.A. It always adds to the downward drop of my nervous system and the rise of my blood pressure if I hadn't been so fearful of the outcome I'm sure my day would have started out much better.

But it was my life I have been fighting for and the battle had taken a year. The outcome would determine for me if I would give up or continue on. I had already decided not to continue the battle, after the excruciating round of chemotherapy then hearing the cancer was still there I was devastated. It seemed this ugly invasion in my body was winning and I was losing. Cancer had attacked my body three times by now, for me it seemed the time to say I'm through.

Radiation was the next logical step so I was off on a new venture. This was a first for me, 28 days of treatments, five days a week, wasn't bad at all. I was very anxious to end all treatments and understandably so. My life had become doctors appointments, blood tests, pet scans, shots, exams along with blood transfusions. Ugh!

Preparation for a pet scan takes about one and a half hours, the scan itself is 30 minutes. Then you wait...

Fortunately Cedars -Sinai hospital is so sophisticated your results are almost immediate, I saw my Doctor that afternoon, my first reaction was to try and read her expression when she entered the exam room, Dr. Walsh is pretty crafty, I couldn't read her face, immediately though she said "Your cancer is gone". When you develop a relationship with your doctor they get just as excited as you are regarding the outcome. Dr. Walsh commented she could hardly wait to give me the news, she then hugged me twice. I'm very blessed to have her as my surgeon and oncologist.

My God brought me through yet another trying time in my life, He's there in the darkest of times when it seems you have been abandoned, King David felt that way in his battles, he cried out "Arise oh Lord " deliver me. Our God is faithful He will deliver you, trust in Him for your health and salvation.

I'm off to Cabo San Lucas for some much needed rest, my daughter, and granddaughter are meeting me there. I'm so blessed to have children and grandchildren who love me and pray for me.

In Jesus
Sharon Leigh