I finished radiation last Monday, what a relief! The treatments were very short and easy, at times I'm very tired, well let's say a lot of the time. After finishing, I was given a certificate of completion. Going through this was tedious but the personnel actually made it a piece of cake, they were great.

On that same day I canceled my membership to my gym and signed on with a another. I explained my health issues then asked for a personal trainer who would listen, and most of all, hear what my goals are. I'm planning on a ski trip in March, probably seems risky, well let's face it, it is risky, with compromised bone marrow and being very weak after 10 months of treatments. My family is a little against me going. Oh well I'm going anyway.

Getting back to my personal trainer, I couldn't be happier, he served in the Marines. That in itself works for me as we are a family of Marines going back to WW2. Ron is his name, Ron has his Masters in Physical education, a Bachelors in Social Science and he taught grammar school for 33 years. Very qualified for me plus he's my age. He listens then designs my workout, I already feel better and am somewhat surprised that my body responds as if I haven't missed all of this time. Yea!!

Of course the exhaustion kicks in and then it's time to lay on the couch. Recuperation takes time and I'm impatient, I'm also not in a hurry to find out what the next Pet Scan will show, I'm just wanting to enjoy the moment. That's my story for now.

Many blessings In Jesus,
Sharon Leigh