November 11, 2015

About 15 years ago we visited Arlington national cemetery, seeing first hand the graves of our soldiers who died to give us our freedom, it was an emotional experience. We also discovered that not only current burials are there but Civil War burials too, with one tomb reading "Unknown Soldiers."

The home on which the cemetery grounds are located belonged to Robert E. Lee, he became known as a traitor, the house and property were taken away from him.

I see a kindred relationship in this history with our own ongoing battle with OC (ovarian cancer).

General Lee along with today's leaders fought for their lives every time they went into battle, as we do when going through chemotherapy and surgery.

There are days when we are confident we are winning and others when we can't see the victory ahead of us.

We are like the suffragette women "Strong ! Willing to keep up the fight, confident we will persevere."

In comparisons with other wars and battles some of us won't walk away as winners, we won't become president of the United States of America, we will though be rewarded with .... "The Bronze Metal" for meritorious service in a combat zone.

May God bless you and God bless America.

Sharon Leigh Rude