The good news: this is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month! Ten years ago this month was set aside to finally bring attention to the most deadliest of all gynecological diseases. What took so long?

This month, strangely enough, is when I lost my sister Judy to ovarian cancer 15 years ago. She had been fighting for five years, that's a total of 20 years of non-recognition.

Awareness and information on early detection was not publicly available at that time. It was her Gynecologist who told her about the three tests that would have helped in an early detection, she passed this information on to me. Four years after she passed away, and based on her input, my ovarian cancer was found in the first stage.

Now after nine years I have a recurrence of the same disease, again in the first stage. It seems this disease just doesn't want to go away.

The really good news is that women are living longer because of research. As far as I'm concerned we are also living longer because of the persistence of women. We are a strong breed! Women are not ready to roll over with the attitude of 'oh well', we are fighters. I applaud all women who get out there and organize a walk, who bring in community awareness, 5-k runs, golf tournaments and any fund-raiser they can think of.

It's these women we should be supporting, believe me it takes a lot of determination, work and support from friends and committee members to put on a golf tournament the way our foundation has. We have raised over $200,000 in the last four years. That's pretty good considering we live in a small county.

If you have personally experienced the effects of Ovarian Cancer, either for yourself or through a family member, you can speak to local service clubs (they are always open to guest speakers). Let's just get the word out. You would be surprised at the lack of information women have.

You can be that woman who has the ability to help save a life! Speaking at support groups is great also.