I used to dream of what I would do when I reached that new frontier, the age when the world was mine, when I finally reached total fulfillment. You remember that time in your life, it was your 18th birthday.

Life was yours for the asking, apply for a credit card, join the service there was no limit, no more need for permission from mom and dad, except if you still lived at home, that was always a game changer. I still lived there, I was happy at home. My two older sisters had chosen to marry young, clearly not my choice, my brother had joined the Marines, my younger sister was still in school.

My dad had made a promise to his daughters in hopes they would rethink marrying young, his promise was he would buy them a car for their 18th. birthday if they would not get married. Neither one received the car. My thoughts were I would take a car any day over getting married that young. I'm not against marriage I just think one should wait awhile before making such a life-changing commitment. I got my car !

I had a dream of my future which didn't include marriage, I can look back now at the clear facts; I was way ahead of my time. My goal, which I didn't share with anyone, was to be an undercover narcotics agent. I was going to infiltrate the drug life by supposedly becoming one of them then one by one start the arrests, bring in the bad guys. Sounded exciting to me and very worthwhile. My future as a police officer never happened.

I was born and raised in Compton Ca. Compton at that time was a beautiful city and very safe. The local police agency was not open to female officers, it was a dream that didn't happen.

I moved on to follow in my sisters footsteps: Beauty College. It didn't thrill me. Doors did open which I didn't expect for example the film industry, now that was interesting. I worked with the best actors and made a lot of money. I have very fond memories and pictures. I loved it.

This was at a time in my life when I had been married and divorced. I met a man while attending a barbecue, who later became my husband, (I think I mentioned Ken in another blog). Ken was a Chief on the California Highway Patrol. I guess if I couldn't be a police officer the next best choice was to marry one. In my case I married up. A Chief is the highest level you can promote to. Our life together was new and wonderful.

The next phase of my life: Cancer. Now instead of my future plans, as a once young woman I find myself thinking of a trust fund, have I fairly divided my assets? which one of my grandkids should I leave my jewelry to? ( don't get me wrong I prayerfully plan on being here for awhile.) I'm a realist though, these issues should be addressed. Let's face it though, it was a lot more fun planning your future than planning your passing.

Have you been in the unpleasant position of listening to women talk incessantly about what their doctors have to say. I deplore these conversations, we are here we have a future, God has not chosen to take us home yet. Take that cruise, you've always wanted to. Visit places you've dreamed of. Don't shrug off telling your friends and family how much you love them.

Life is priceless enjoy every minute of it, as soon as these chemotherapy treatments are over I plan on resuming my position as president of our foundation. I have several thoughts on what I consider a fun way to raise money for ovarian cancer research.

At this moment I plan on a trip to the Colorado river with my daughter. I'm looking forward to that. I feel I need to get away and start enjoying life again.

See you soon in the next letter.

In Jesus,
Sharon Leigh