What a difference a day makes, one day you feel great the next day your advised you have ovarian cancer again.

I'm a very active person with a lot of ideas on where we can help educate women on ovarian cancer. For example, a 5k run donating the monies for genetic testing, along with sharing the Turn the Town Teal foundation, then another Fashion/Seminar educational luncheon. These thoughts are where my mind continually goes but I find myself unable to act on them. I'm being given a chemotherapy treatment entirely different from the first time nine years ago. I'm so thankful for research that has become much more advanced.

For me the downside is I'm very tired with a limited energy level, I can't remember a time in my life when I've taken so many very long naps.

I have a wonderful nurse who loves me very much and looks after me to the point of taking my cell phone and my iPad away from me along with disconnecting the phone in my bedroom. She knows me well enough that I would continue working instead of resting, she has researched the food groups which are healthy for my very restrictive diet then lovingly lectures me. I'm referring to my daughter Sheryll.

I know being here for me is very important to her, but at the same time Sheryll has had to leave her home and family in Hawaii. Divided love from a distance of 2500 miles.

I'll share a very quick comment her dad had said to me several years ago, (we have 2 daughters) he said he was very jealous because he had never seen a child with so much love for her mother. I find myself at times worrying about her when the time comes for the Lord to take me home. My prayer is that she will find comfort knowing we will see each other again in Heaven.

I'll be getting my next chemotherapy treatment next week, so the cycle starts again. Anyone who has been through this knows that just before the next treatment we start to feel normal again. Then "Zap" here we go again.

With continued blessings,
Sharon Leigh