March 30, 2015 was a day I didn't expect. I didn't expect to receive news such as this. After nine years of being cancer free, I was told the ovarian cancer has probably come back. That news alone is shattering enough on its own.

There was more that really threw me back, the Lymph glands around my Aorta are cancerous also.

Of course, as we have all come to know so well, this means surgery and chemotherapy. Why? I keep asking God why did this come back after all of these years and then with another cancer unrelated to the ovarian cancer. I keep trying to rationalize this, it doesn't help to try to rationalize, it is what it is.

I have so much to do, the annual golf tournament, (should I cancel?). No I don't want to, that's what I continue to tell myself. Then there's the upcoming Fashion show/ovarian cancer seminar, which would be happening right after the last chemo treatment, I won't have the strength to orchestrate that.

I do have tremendous support, yet I am the president of this foundation. Literally, as the old saying goes, the buck stops here right on me.

I am waiting for the results from the tumor board then it's off to Cedars-Sinai for more tests and treatment. I'm a very positive person and a fighter, I have a strong belief in prayer and my Savior Jesus. As a created being knowing only our life here on earth, I keep reminding God I have a lot to do yet. My body, health and soul were made perfect by Jesus, of course my future is in His hands.

Sharon Leigh