On Saturday January 17, 2015, we held the "Teal Magnolia" Fashion Show and Luncheon. Our sold-out event was fully sponsored by the Elks Lodge of Oceano California.

Sharla Cannon owner of Le Papillon from the village in Arroyo Grande, partnered with our foundation and provided her beautiful line of clothes for our models. The models looked radiant! Judy Hearn, Blanche Hollingsead Fuguate, Jeannie, and Cindy Miranda, graced the runway.

Our signature "Teal Magnolia" bubbly drink was a huge success.

The goal of our fashion show and luncheon was directed at empowering women with the necessary information on ovarian cancer that gave them the tools need to fight this dreaded disease. We feel that once a woman understands the signs to look for she is then able to be her own advocate in her healthcare. Ovarian cancer is considered to be a silent killer but we don't agree with that designation because there are many signs of ovarian cancer that are misdiagnosed. Once a woman knows the signs she is able to insist on the necessary tests to be taken. This is our purpose for our education drives.

As the President of the Sharon Leigh Ovarian Cancer Foundation I spoke on the BRCA gene and its relationship to ovarian cancer .

Cristina Martins Sinco Vice President of the Sharon Leigh Ovarian Cancer Foundation spoke on the signs and symptoms of Ovarian cancer.

Our deepest thank you to the Elks Lodge, Tony and Margaret were wonderful to work with. The fantastic committee of women who came together, created a beautiful setting for our guests. Our committee was Kathy Fissori, Kim Jeffers, Sylvia Dodd, Linda Fielder, and Debra Jackson. Hair and make-up were done by Susie Almaquer, Alexandria Silveira Goncalves and Cassandra Sigala.

Thank you again to our sponsors: SLOCO Data, Sierra Auto of Grover Beach, PGE and Michelle Kossuth for providing the graphics.

Sharon Leigh