684 WOMEN PER DAY ARE DIAGNOSED WITH OVARIAN CANCERThis is not a feel good article...

Unbelievable, just think of this 75% of these women will not live past 5 years, that is 513 women. I'm having a problem writing this as these figures are astonishing. 24,966 women per year diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. With a mortality rate at 75%.

It's time to educate, get the word out, help women become their own advocate. Let's catch this disease in the early stages where we can read more survivor stories, not obituaries.

This (and any type of cancer) doesn’t just affect one person, it affects the entire family and close friends, our childhood best friends, we all suffer.

Cancer is wide spread, asking for an end to cancer is wonderful, that's just not as realistic as we would want it to be. But early detection is within our reach. Get all of the information you can, and it's free. The CDC and National Cancer organizations will happily donate information, brochures anything you might need if you are ready to start the fight.

I started my own foundation which is literally a grass roots organization with that one goal I'm sure you have, help others as you were helped. Reach out into the community and you will be surprised at the response you'll get. Find a hospital that has a research center, join forces with them. I reached out to Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles, we have been partners for 3 years now. If I could do it so can you.