March 6th, 2014

I had just formed the Sharon Leigh Ovarian cancer foundation, I wasn't sure where I was going to go with it, I only knew I wanted to help women, in the same manner I was helped.

After sharing with a friend over lunch one day we decided a golf tournament sounded pretty simple and a good way of raising the necessary funds for research.

Now there was the beginning of a serious learning curve for me as it isn't simple to put on a golf tournament, its a lot of hard work.

I live in a relatively small county, because of my ignorance I didn't realize that small counties were very committed to supporting the county and no others, regardless of the fact that research was helping women from all over the world. The monies raised were in fact being directed to Los Angeles, Cedars-Sinai research center.

I was told (in a way that was meant to be helpful) that the tournament would most likely fail. Well, I have my faith in God not man so I continued on in blind faith.

Driving home from Arizona one day I received a phone call from a woman who said "My name is Julie, I am an ovarian cancer survivor, I heard about your foundation and would like to attend a meeting" of course, I said yes and "bring your husband".

She, without knowing it, was the answer to my prayers. Julie and her husband Gary are in the agriculture business, a very liked and respected couple.

They became a vital part of our foundation, with their contacts throughout the entire state of California, we had, from the very first golf tournament to the present, very successful tournaments. The change of tide was that all of the players were not from my county, it was not a concern to them where the money went only that it would hopefully help Julie and others like her.

I'm sharing this with you because Julie's cancer came back recently, after almost four years of being so close to the five year mark we so look forward to, she is back in the fight again.

Julie is a fighter, with a lot of prayer and family support she will win this battle again.

Never give up hope, many of us have had this recurring cancer.

On a side note I spoke with the family of a woman who recently finished her latest bout with OC, the third time for her. Her pet scan indicated no cancer cells!!

Again I say never give up hope! Keep praying.

In Jesus,
Sharon Leigh