March 4th, 2014

God works in mysterious ways, you've heard that before..well it's true!

I recently read about Emma who weighed about 308 lbs. All of her life she was obese, diets didn't work for her, she stated the weight just came back.

She then decided to have surgery, a gastric bypass, financial complications showed their faces as always.

Emma chose to fly to the Czech Republic for the surgery, there a tumor on her left ovary was discovered. Like all of us Emma was in shock, she didn't feel sick. Sounds familiar doesn't it?

The gastric bypass was postponed, Emma flew back to England for emergency surgery. A 17 cm tumor was found on her left ovary. The tumor was successfully removed, a hysterectomy was necessary. She is in great health today.

Emma's life was saved by her obesity, if you want to read more on Emma click on this link.

For some of us this is very mysterious, Our God does work in ways we least expect. In fact the one thing you can count on is this, His way is just about always what we've least expected. Just keep trusting, His love for us is endless.

In Jesus,
Sharon Leigh