Have you ever been hit by a car?
February 20th, 2014

Have you ever been hit by a car that ran a red light, or while riding your bicycle, or how about slip sliding on an icy road then into a ditch?

That would make you a victim of some freak accident you weren't prepared for right?

That's exactly how you feel when told you have ovarian cancer, you're an innocent victim. You weren't driving a car or bicycle, but you do feel like you've been side-swiped or thrown off of life's daily routine and ended up in a ditch.

Now your fighting for your life, and you didn't even leave the house, so we wonder, did I create this monster? Was I eating the wrong foods, or maybe I should have joined the gym, or to much wine?

The answer is No you are a victim!

What's next is finding an oncologist, your gynecologist should be able to recommend one for you, he'll want to know all about your family history, make a list before you go in for your first visit with him or her.

Family history is vital in finding the chemotherapy that will best fight the type of cancer you have. Always remember that our parents genes are what made us who we are today, did your dad or anyone in his family have any cancer history? This applies to moms side of the family also.

Old school thinking was that ovarian cancer was only on the woman's side of the bar, today we know it's from the entire balance bar. Sort of a scale of justice, (without any justice for us) both equally involved in creating our genetic makeup.

Be prepared, you are in for the heavyweight champion fight of your life. This cannot be sugar-coated with some light comments, it's a battle, but you can do it.

You have strength that probably so far has not been tapped into. Our Lord has given you the strength you need, He has known all along this was going to happen to you, just start trusting in Him. That is exactly how I got through my cancer treatments and at that same time the loss of my husband.

In Jesus,
Sharon Leigh