October 13th, 2012

We thought this was a good story about one of the effects of Ovarian Cancer. This man's story is one many men can relate to. Here is a quote from the story from Newstimes.com:

"Geoff Herald held his head in his hands and talked to the table. "She had so much cancer in her," said Danbury's decorated fire chief, the man with the suddenly trembling voice. "The doctors gave her an 8 percent chance of living out the year."

This wasn't the Lizzie who wrapped her arms around Herald for 3,400 miles on his Suzuki 850 for their honeymoon. This wasn't the Lizzie who twirled like a pinwheel in her Middle Eastern dance costume. This Lizzie was barely strong enough to breathe at Danbury Hospital. And yet, even as the fluid spilled into her lungs, she somehow managed to tell everyone she could how much she loved them.

And the whispers -- these drawn-out, deliberate gifts crossing her lips -- told you she meant it. Lizzie (Kunic) Tapester died Oct. 2 after a 16-month battle with ovarian cancer. She was just 50 years old."

You can read the rest of the story here.

Sharon Leigh