Originally posted on the Sharon Leigh Ovarian Cancer Website

December 4th, 2013

Thank you for using my story (click here to view). It also makes all of us with cancer feel good when we know that our trial may be used to help someone else get through a hard time.

Something that I would like to share with you that seems to really be a positive light to those with cancer is making up gift boxes and baskets with random gifts that inspire hope. I share this with you because I have been doing it for the last several months and I can truly see how it sparks hope in the one who receives it.

When I first went through chemo the first time around in January of 2011 I was soooo scared. I found myself around the 3rd treatment in the bathroom with my face to the floor asking God to please help me. I said God I don't know if I can make it through this time, I may be coming to see you, but if you can help me maybe I can get through it.

After that I went back out to me chair and my husband told me to put my headphones on and listen to my worship cd's. I did and I made it through that day. But I still had some very desperate days when I wasn't sure I would make it. I lost so much weight and got so desperately sick. At my lowest I got down to 109 pounds and became pretty fragile.

I did make it through all my treatments, Praise the Lord. One day I was thinking about the journey I had been through and I was thinking about what things helped me the most? What inspired me the most? And what I came up with, of course, #1 God, knowing that He was with me and He comforted me, He never left me alone. I could always feel His presence and at times all I could do is lay there and cry to Him.

I lost my mom when she was only 44 to Ovarian cancer, so I thought of her a lot. I did preventative care to insure I would not get Ovarian cancer but for some reason I got it anyway. I had one ovary out in 2005 and the other and complete hysterectomy done in 2006. After that I thought for sure I would not get Ovarian Cancer. But It came anyway as Primary Peritoneal Cancer. The same as Ovarian cancer but it attacks the Omentum pad and the outside of the organs such as the lining of the stomache and the bowels.

Anyway to get back on track as to why I give out the boxes, I believe they inspire people that are strangers to realze that God sees them and has not forgotten them. And the gifts I put in the box are gifts that I think would have inspired me.

My church wants me to start a non-profit through it to make these boxes. Currently when I go for chemo I take one in and give it to the attending Head nurse and have her give it out to the one who is just newly diagnosed or to the one who is very scared.

So far it is making a great impact of hope and faith to rise. I also send boxed through the mail when God inspires me to.

My husband and I have been just buying things and setting them aside so I will always have something to give. Plus some ladies at our Church are wonderful at crocheting and making scarfs and hats and mittens, slippers. I even have some ladies who are making stuffed animals to give to kids.

God is so good. I just wanted to share this with you because I believe there may be some ladies who would be interested in doing this. When I give something out it also lifts me up from my depression.

It is in the giving that I receive so much love in my heart. HOPE IS ALL AROUND and that is what I love to spread! Thank you so much for letting me share my praise report with your group! You are an amazing lady and I pray God continues to bless all your efforts to help ladies everywhere who are going through this really tough trial! With God ALL things are possible!!!!

Karolyn Wagatsuma